Refund and Returns Policy

Return Policy

In accordance with the law, we are unable to accept returns for any medication that meets quality standards and has been shipped correctly by our company in accordance with a customer’s online purchase order.

Please note that we cannot process requests for returns or exchanges of medications purchased from our company if your doctor has changed or modified your prescription for any reason. We encourage customers to follow their physician’s instructions, and once an order has been shipped, we cannot provide refunds for medications that have left our facility. Therefore, we recommend consulting your doctor before placing an order.

If you need to return your shipment due to damage or any similar issue, please contact our Customer Care department. They will address your concerns and provide assistance to ensure the best possible service.

Refund Policy

If you require a refund for your order due to reasons such as non-delivery within the specified time or damage during transit, we will carefully investigate the case. In the event of receiving a partial order, we will refund you for the products you have received, charging only for those items.

If the delivered medications are found to be damaged, faulty, or of unsatisfactory quality, we will either ship a replacement package or issue a refund based on your preference. Please note that the company reserves the right to reduce or deduct the refund amount if the returned order does not meet our policies.

If your order has not been delivered within the promised time, please raise a ticket to notify us. We assure you that we will promptly address your complaint. We strive to provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the medicines, we welcome your feedback. We value the suggestions and opinions of our esteemed customers.